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Book Jacket Twins January 6, 2010

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Here at the library, we see hundreds of book covers every day. And once in a while, we get a little deja vu. Haven’t I seen this cover somewhere before? What does it remind me of? It’s all because, in the words of the Book Cover Archive’s blog, “this looks like that.” Here are some examples from recently published novels.


Close-ups of backs in old-fashioned dresses.


Moody, black and white, half a face, and some red flowers.


Girls in colorful dresses may be lying to you…


Same dress?


White horses in dark places…


Should any of these covers catch your eye, all of these books are available at the Sunnyvale Library. And check out these interesting posts for more book jacket look-alikes.

Cover Deja Vu []

Lookalike Book Covers: High on Grass! [Entertainment Weekly,]

And for more on book covers generally, the blog of the Book Cover Archive.


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