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Christmas Tree Trivia December 15, 2009

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Did you know that the commercial market for Christmas trees began over 150 years ago? In 1851, a farmer named Mark Carr cut down trees in New York’s Catskill Mountains, hauled them in sleds to New York City, and sold all of the trees. A small tree cost five or ten cents and a large tree cost a quarter!

During the Depression, nurseries were having a difficult time selling their evergreen trees to people for landscaping, so they sold them as Christmas trees. Customers liked the more evenly shaped nursery trees better than the wild forest trees, so Christmas tree farms started springing up around the country.

Now, the majority of real Christmas trees come from Christmas tree farms.  The industry has come a long way from Mark Carr cutting down a load of trees in the Catskill Mountains!

You can find this information and many more factoids on a wide variety of topics in the book Do Fish Drink Water? by Bill McLain

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!


One Response to “Christmas Tree Trivia”

  1. mike Says:

    The cost of things have sure gone up since that time 🙂

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