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Online Resources for JobSeekers 50+ December 12, 2009

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The Sunnyvale Public Library has many jobseekers that are looking for resources to find employment.  A number of our jobseekers are 50 or older. Whether it’s full-time, part-time or are just looking for something new and interesting to do in your retirement years, below is a select list of organizations and online job sites that may be able to help you:

  • AARP: Offers a new job web page: ( where you can find a list of major companies that have job openings and have expressed an interest in recruiting older workers.
  • Experience Works ( A national, nonprofit organization that offers training, employment and community service opportunities for mature workers. This includes a variety of programs designed to help older individuals enter the workforce, secure more challenging positions, move into new career areas or supplement their incomes.
  • The Next Chapter ( Offers resources and various programs around the country to help individuals nearing retirement answer the question – what’s next?
  • Senior Job Bank ( Provides job listings for those over 50.
  • Retired Brains ( Offers full-time, part-time and temporary job listings for retirees.
  • YourEncore ( Recruits experienced scientists, engineers and product developers for projects with national companies.

One Response to “Online Resources for JobSeekers 50+”

  1. Art Koff Says:

    8 tips for seniors seeking employment

    1. Register with temp firms in your local area as they don’t care about age but are more interested in your skills and experience. Also if you get work through a temp firm it helps build your resume for future work assignments.

    2. Try to get an interview with an employer you are not interested in working for to practice your interviewing skills. You don’t want to go to your first interview in a long time with the employer you are really interested in working for and make easily correctable mistakes. .

    3. Consider having your resume re-written or updated by an expert as the resume you used years ago is no longer appropriate.

    4. Search for a job in areas that connect older workers with employers seeking to hire them. Go to and enter your city location in the “where” box and then try different job headings in the “what” box. Consider putting the word temporary after some of these job headings so the system will return job postings often more appropriate for older workers as employers are more likely to hire older workers on a temporary basis than their younger counterparts.

    5. Look for temporary or project assignments as they are much more available than full-time jobs.

    6. When applying for a job tell the employer you are willing to work on a project or temporary basis; this often gives you a leg up on younger workers or are often unable to accept this kind of employment. Temporary employment can often lead to full-time work.
    7. Get information on employer prior to interview. For example
    Contact someone who is at the employer who attended the same school you went to.
    “Hi. You and I went to the same school but graduated at different times. I’m interviewing for a position in your firm later this week and, before I meet with HR and the Hiring Manager, I would like to test out a couple questions I have about your firm on you and see what you think the answers might be.” (Later, ask if they will be your employee referral)

    8. Volunteer with a charity or non-profit. Although in most cases there is little or no monetary compensation it is often excellent experience and can possibly lead to employment with a firm that is seeking that particular experience or appreciates your work effort. It is also easier to find employment while you are working as you have a better mind set. Looking for a job on a full-time basis is not a very rewarding experience.

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