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Anti-Gravity Shoes August 21, 2009

The moonwalk, invented by Michael Jackson (1958-2009), is familiar to most people, but   5255452patentx1there’s  another  extraordinary move that he performedsmooth-criminal in “Smooth Criminal.”  He and his troupe of dancers leaned forward at an angle of 45 degrees, defying gravity.  Michael Jackson has U.S.  patent 5,255,452 on the “Methods and Means for Creating Anti-Gravity Illusion.”  Specially designed shoes have a slot in the heels that can slip in and out of pegs that protrude from the floor.  When anchored to the floor, the wearer can lean forward seemingly beyond the center of gravity.

Les Paul (1915-2009) was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2005.  His innovations led to the first solid-body electric guitar.  He pioneered recording techniques, such as overdubbing; built his own multi-track tape recorders; and inspired other musicians to adopt his guitar and recording techniques. One of his patents is 3,018,860 titled “Electrical Musical Instrument.“  It is the patent for his solid-body electric guitar.  He was a successful performer and recording artist.  The Gibson Les Paul guitar was mass produced.

Let’s celebrate these performers and innovators.  August is National Inventors Month!


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