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Future Business Leaders Showcase this Thursday May 18, 2009

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An FBLA student presents at the 2007 Future Business Leaders Showcase event.

An FBLA student presents at the 2007 Future Business Leaders Showcase

Future Business Leaders Showcase
Thursday, May 21, 2009
6:30 p.m.
Library Program Room

Members of the Homestead High School Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) will present their award-winning annual projects. See our community’s future business leaders in action today. This program is free and appropriate for adults, teens, and older children.

Each year, thousands of students across the country design year-long projects to increase their understanding of business and develop career skills. Outstanding projects are judged in state and national competitions, where Homestead students have excelled, capturing 11 consecutive state championships. At last month’s state competition, 50 students qualified to compete at this summer’s National Leadership Conference. Come be educated and inspired by these students and support them as they prepare to represent the school, city, and state.

Planned presentations include:

Emerging Business Issues: Particularly in the economic crisis we face today, the entry of illegal immigrants into the United States and the place they take in our economy is controversial. The Homestead group will present their views on the implementation of a temporary worker program as a potential solution.

Partnership with Business: This year, student project chairs spearheaded a partnership with AAA to promote its Greenlight Initiative. They will discuss the planning, development, and impact of their yearlong partnership!

American Enterprise: The team took on an ambitious agenda this year in partnering with 5 different non-profits. They will present their year-long efforts to learn how successful non-profits market themselves and how they ultimately used what they learned to educate community members.

Business Financial Plan: This year’s Business Financial Plan team was tasked with developing a plan to finance the purchase of property for a theoretical gardening business. They will discuss their strategic rationale and how their financial decisions will fuel the long-term success of the business.

Digital Video Production: The Digital Video Production team created a video promoting the need for business education, particularly at the high school level. You’ll see the video they created, learn about the techniques they used, and understand the full development process that took them from an idea to the final product!


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