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September is National Preparedness Month September 8, 2008

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Even though we are not faced with hurricanes like other parts of this country, we Californians do live in “Earthquake Country”. While we once again watch tragedy wrought by the latest hurricanes, it is a good time to reflect on our own vulnerabilities – not just to earthquakes but fires, floods and other disasters.Through their Ready campaign, the Department of Homeland Security and Citizens Corps are sponsoring National Preparedness Month during September. The site offers information about creating an emergency preparedness kit, creating emergency plans for both individuals and businesses and also daily tips for preparedness. This site also includes brochures and lists that can be downloaded as well as videos on various aspects of preparedness.

There are also other sites that provide detailed information about emergency preparedness such as the American Red Cross’ Get Prepared guide; the Humane Society of the United States’ Disaster Preparedness Resources for our animal companions; FEMA’s extensive Are You Ready? guide and a version of the  U. S. Geological Services’ Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country that was created for the San Francisco Bay area.


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