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Tidbits and treats from the Sunnyvale Public Library Reference Division

Spacing Out July 30, 2008

A New Star Cluster

A New Star Cluster

NASA has made its vast collection of space images available for one-stop browsing in a partnership with the San Francisco-based Internet Archive. Now, with a visit to, users can find breathtaking full-color pictures from around the universe, including shots of Earth, our solar system, and astronauts. Detailed descriptions accompany the images. And, to the joy of librarians and educators everywhere, the collection is keyword searchable.

The organizations said in a press release that they expected their five-year partnership to eventually provide millions of images, as well as thousands of hours of video and audio. lists its downloading terms and conditions here.

The nonprofit Internet Archive was founded by entrepreneur Brewster Kahle in 1996. Among its many projects is the ‘Wayback Machine,’ which allows users to see past incarnations of their favorite Web pages. Curious what the Sunnyvale Library page looked like in 2002? Or how about the San Jose Mercury News from as far back as Valentine’s Day, 1998?


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