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Antarctic Wildlife June 18, 2008

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penguinsToday is the fifth International Polar Day , focusing on land and life: the plants and animals of polar lands and the changing permafrost and hydrology. International Polar Day is part of a large scientific program, International Polar Year, focused on the Arctic and Antarctic from March 2007 to March 2009.

Images of Antarctica is on the Web site of the British Antarctic Survey, where you’ll find picture galleries, webcams, and image databases.

In the Antarctic, there are no naturally-occurring mammals, reptiles and amphibians; but there are whales, seals, sea birds and penguins. Penguins by Susanne Akesson combines a fabulous visual study with up-to-date information on all seventeen species from the largest, Emperor Penguin, to the tiniest, Little Penguin. The popular DVD, Luc Jacquet’s March of the Penguins, chronicles the Emporer Penguins’ annual journey in single file across hundreds of miles of the harsh Antarctic landscape to the sea in quest of a mate to start a family. The the same cinematographer reveals four visually stunning portraits of favorite places and animals in the DVD, Untamed Antarctic. Joan Myers documents in her book, Wondrous Cold, the haunting beauty, the unusual creatures, and the spirit of curiosity and perseverance that continues to draw explorers and scientists to what has been called the “most hostile continent on Earth.”



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