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Sports Books for Fathers and Sons June 12, 2008

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Father’s Day is right around the corner and for many, memories of fathers include sunny days at the ballpark, hours spent catching a football, or listening to a game on the radio together. Here are some selections from our collection about fathers, sons, and shared moments through sports.

Me and My Dad: A Baseball Memoir by Paul O’Neill with Burton Rocks
O’Neill, a former New York Yankees great, pays tribute to his father and to the significant role he played in Paul’s life and career, starting in Little League, through the minors, and to four World Series championships.

Fathers, Sons & Baseball: Our National Pastime and the Ties That Bond by Wayne Stewart
A compilation of profiles of dozens of families in baseball, such as the Griffeys, the Ripkens, the Alomars, the Boones, and the Bonds duo, among others.

Senior Year: A Father, A Son, and High School Baseball by Dan Shaughnessy
Prolific baseball writer Shaughnessy writes this account of his son’s senior year in high school and all the drama of a father watching his son grow up on and off the field.

Manning by Peyton and Archie Manning with John Underwood
The Manning family shares about their family legacy in football in this book by former NFL quarterback Archie and his son Peyton, a current NFL star. Archie’s other two sons also played football and son Eli is also a current NFL star.

Chasing the Hawk: Looking For My Father, Finding Myself by Andrew Sheehan
Dr. George Sheehan, author of the bestseller Running and Being, became internationally-known as a running and fitness guru but in the process abandoned his family and his son, Andrew. Later, as an adult struggling with addictions and his own family crisis, Andrew was able to rebuild the relationship with his father and turn his life around.

Fishing by Mail: the Outdoor Life of a Father and Son by Vance Nye Bourjaily
A collection of correspondence between the author and his father gives the reader a glimpse of the friendship and bond forged by a father and son and what they learn together about life through hunting, fishing, living on the land.


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