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Dancing with the Stars April 8, 2008

Filed under: Books,Dance,Nonfiction,reader's advisory,Television — svref @ 9:30 am

Dancing with the stars bookDoes season six of abc’s hit television series Dancing with the Stars have you wanting to learn more about the show’s celebrities, costumes, dancers and how on earth to develop the lean and toned physique of a dancer?

Just in time for season six, the library has acquired the book Dancing with the stars: jive, samba, and tango your way into the best shape of your life by Guy Phillips.

One third of this book is devoted to fitness routines that dancers use to build strength. The routines are broken down into exercises, with color photos and explanations of each exercise.

If you are more interested in the show than the fitness, the other two thirds of the book is loaded with information on Dancing with the Stars history, dances, costumes, celebrities, and behind the scenes information from seasons one through five, and includes beautiful color photographs on almost every page.

Or perhaps Dancing with the Stars has you yearning to tango, rumba, waltz, foxtrot, and cha-cha-cha your way around a dance floor? The library also has a variety of instructional videos on ballroom dancing that may help you reach your dance and fitness goals.

After visiting the library and checking out our ballroom dance resources, you may just be on your way to dancing like a star!


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