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Reader’s Advisory–Ask a Librarian! August 24, 2007

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reader's advisoryWhile many people come to the library looking for a particular book, others come hoping to find anything they would enjoy reading.  The question is how to find it.  You might scan our new book area, look at some displays, or search out whether one of your favorite authors has written a new title recently.  Alternatively, you can come to the Adult Reference Desk and ask the librarians.  We have gathered material together including best books lists from various sources each year, have put together many booklists for specific genres (e.g. chick lit, westerns, thrillers, California authors, etc.) and also have many personal favorite titles as well as websites which we can share. So…. Ask a librarian!!! Here are some of the sources I like to use: In the reference area, we keep a shelf of books we have called BEST BOOKS to help with various reading genres.  This is just a small sampling of what’s on that shelf: 

Blood, bedlam, bullets, and bad guys :

Blood, bedlam

 A reader’s guide to adventure/suspense fiction  

Nonfiction readers’ advisory / edited by Robert Burgin. 

      Non Fiction Reader’s advisory                Horror Reader’s Advisory        Historical Fiction

Horror Readers’ Advisory: the librarian’s guide to vampires, killer tomatoes, and haunted houses 

Read on– historical fiction : reading lists for every taste  

Sunnyvale Public Library subscribes to a database called What Do I Read Next? From which you can search for a particular book or browse for books based on any criteria you wish to list.  Some great information, as well as many booklists for those who like a particular genre (e.g. historical fiction, mystery, romance, etc.)  This site includes “hotlists” of upcoming titles, starred review lists which include annotated reviews from many respected journals, and new book lists included if they have received good reviews, as well as themed booklists.  Also have lists of “If you like a particular author, you might like ……” 

For new book information and reading lists:


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